Salim Rayyan, CEO, blooray IT Solutions, Kerala, India

About blooray

     Blooray IT Solutions is a highly specialized provider of Medical Automation Software and Consulting, situated in Kerala, India. It was established in 2006 and is fast emerging as a world-class organization. The company has 8 years experience in medical automation.

     The latest software released by blooray is MeDIC, which has gained wide acceptance quickly as it replaced the inefficient automation systems in many hospitals. Currently focusing on this unique software, blooray has been able to outclass many similar software in a short span of time. Owing to our relentless pursuit of excellence, we expect blooray MeDIC to become  the world’s best medical automation software in the near future.

     MeDIC has already been selected as the official software of Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons (KSOS). It surpassed many other software in quality, feature richness, and user-friendliness.

 Blooray has a unique vision. It has a distinct strategy. It is a knowledge driven enterprise. When a project is undertaken, Blooray becomes an integral part of its client. Thus a unique and long-lasting partnership develops. Each Blooray project is the beginning of an enduring partnership. Blooray really values its relationships. It is beyond business. It is sacred.

The blooray Vision

Bring out
unique outcome
through sustained focusing




  • Our basic commitment is to God Almighty, the creator and sustainer. By obeying Him in our thoughts and actions based on what He has revealed to mankind, what we perform becomes part of worship. Hence we cannot betray our stakeholders, customers, and society. Our commitment is sacred and absolute.
  • Our second responsibility is to our customers, our employees, our management, and our community.
  • We are fully committed to ethics, integrity and rectitude.

  • We believe that our success as a dedicated enterprise rests entirely on such qualities as knowledge, integrity, hard work, innovation, creativity and respect for the individual. We value these qualities most highly.

  • We believe that our reward should come from honest and dedicated work that benefits our customers, stakeholders, and community.

  • We are dedicated to the fulfillment of our obligations with the guidance of God Almighty.

  • We believe that clarity is sacred and ambiguity is evil.



Blooray exists to provide
innovative solutions,
which help the noble patient care services,
by harnessing the amazing power of
Information Technology.

Current Mission

To be the  top-line EMR solution provider
in India

by the year 2015.