MeDIC Features (Ophthalmic)

Patient Search

Find a patient record by inputting a part of data. Easy loading of patient record from wait list. Recording of visit time consultation time etc. Two independent categorizing of patient visits as well as analysis on it.


Advanced search

On clinical data. Find by inputting a part of findings, diagnosis, complaints etc. and on image footnotes.


Refraction interface

Separate interface at refraction to input vision entries.


Vision recording

Reading from refraction room - sph, cyl axis, v/a; Near and distant vision; Auto-refractometer; uncorrected and corrected; pinhole, keratometer, prism, contact lens, IOL, squint, LVA etc.



Categorized (completely customizable) tree list of all findings and values. Insertion and modification are easy on mouse clicks.


Instant Glass prescription

Printouts with few clicks; no typing.


Treatment advice

Printouts with few clicks; Lists of drugs, dosages, duration and also Preset treatment advice for frequent diseases.


Procedure and surgery advices

Alert on Allergic conditions

Effective mechanism to avoid dangerous prescriptions.


Digitizer Pen compatibility

Quick drawing with a lot of tools. Ready-to-insert preset drawings.


Image and video capturing

Supports all imaging devices from webcams, handy cams, digital cameras, CC cameras, beam-splitters, video capture cards etc. Easy tagging of images with footnotes. Built-in media player.


International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

Complete reference of International Classification of Diseases, search by any letters in disease name or in description. Makes diagnoses, internationally compatible.


Disease statistics

Analyze occurrences of diseases in any set of age groups, gender-wise, monthly or yearly in a specified period. Gets output as list or in various graph styles. Exporting to PowerPoint or other programs for making presentations.


Cross-referencing patients

Connecting related patients records together for instant accessibility.


Automatic appointments creation

According to patient follow-up entry.



IOP, Complaints, Findings, Diagnosis, Treatment advices etc of all visits.


Complete Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Summary

Printable A4 size inkjet report with hospital logo on a single click contains visit-wise treatment recording of a patient.



Printable general letters (searchable), referral letters and reply formats on common templates make correspondence, an easy experience. Automatic marking on references and replies in patient visit record.


Surgery appointments

Graphical calendar interface for surgery scheduling.


Surgery registers

General, Laser, Yag and DFA registers.


Direct Web connectivity.

Link to important ophthalmic websites. Sending emails on click.