MeDIC Features (General)


Help tips, Auto-fill, context-specific messages, pop-up lists. Reduced typing; click on pop-up lists to insert data.



Can be learned to operate, even by a newbie in a few hours.



Advanced patient search mechanism. Quick navigation. Easy access to required data. Fast loading and unloading of data. Elegant system design ensures low consumption of computer resources such as CPU, memory, hard disk space, network bandwidth etc.


Reliable & secure

Given at most care in design of data organization, workflow and interfaces. Highly reliable in peek network traffic. Performs well even when the database has grown big. (Running smoothly at a client site with nearly 2,00,000 patient records.) Well tested and running efficiently in many hospitals. Using advanced data integrity keeping technology to secure data and ensure crash-free operation over years.


Un-cluttered interface design, avoiding unnecessary/confusing items. Still accommodating advanced and sophisticated features like imaging, video, digitizer pen etc.



Option pop-up lists can be modified or even completely rebuilt by the user independently. Header, footer and column widths of bills / reports can be easily modified.



Pleasing colours, Designer menus, windows, buttons etc., beautiful pictures, icons and animations.


Desktop and network versions

Capable of handing patient care automation on a single computer or on a huge network.


Fast dot-matrix printing

Less expensive and fast printing of bills, reports etc.


Excellent post-installation support

Multi-level user privilege settings

User-level access restrictions

User event logging to monitor user activities

Detailed logs (including user, computer, date, time, data etc.) are generated to track modification/deletion of bills. Separate administrator level interface to manage user logs.


Easy data backing up

Detached (offline) data accessibility

Data can be analyzed on a laptop, disconnected from the network.

Sophisticated data analysis and reporting

Remote Access (New)

Accessibility to the hospital automation system from anywhere in the world through secure VPN tunnel. It is possible to view real-time reports and enter data from a laptop or palm-top mobile device (like Pocket PC), connected to internet. Remote connectivity also enables quick responses to service requests and reduces down-time in case of any system failure. When Remote Access is installed, blooray professionals can monitor the functioning of client's system and data frequently.