Formula for successful automation

Initiative of the management

    This is the foremost and prime requirement in successful medical automation. Understanding the necessity and benefits of computerization are the motivational factors. The initiative should sustain till completion of the project.


Cooperation of the staff

    The staff of the hospital should be aware of the project from the beginning itself. In one way or the other, each employee has to connect with the automated system. Regular staff meetings ensuring two-way communications and staff awareness/training programmes are necessary throughout the process. Learning of computers, both hardware and software, has to be encouraged.


Expertise of the developer (software)

    The developer should have many years of experience in automating medical institutions as well as supporting such automated systems. Those, specialized in software, is better than multi-business companies. Companies specialize in medical automation, rather than dealing different software, are much acceptable. Specialization leads to expertise.


Suitable hardware

    Always consult with the software developer when purchasing hardware and stick to their recommendations. Compatibility and performance issues of components are common in assembled hardware. Normally, branded ones are free from such problems. Quality of hardware should never be compromised to ensure un-interrupted running of the system. Even though the initial investment is high, world class brands are more economically viable in the long run.

Quality of the software

    To assess the quality of a software is a difficult task. Reading the brochures carefully and seeing detailed demonstrations are inevitable. In demonstrations, the more you ask the better you know. Take time in demonstrations. Incorporate staff of various departments. Ask for client references and don't hesitate to contact the references. A user can say more on quality.