MeDIC Modules

Out patient

Registration, Visits, Wait list, Search, Billing, Visit history, Visit statistics, Appointments, Categorization etc.


In patient

Setting up blocks, rooms, wards. Admit and discharge. IP reports and analysis.



Suppliers, batch-wise drugs, purchase, sale billing, multiple stocks, stock transfer, supplier-wise, drug-wise analysis, complete history of transactions of any drug, re-order and movement reports, report on drug expiry, supplier-wise purchase reports etc.


Clinical Laboratory

Investigation report printing, billing and analysis.


Optical Shop

Inventory and billing of Lens and Frames


Ophthalmic Consultation

Management of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of patients. See page


Integrated Modules


Fully integrated. Automatic posting of billing, sale and purchase to daybook and ledgers. Capable of maintaining the complete accounts of a hospital. Daybook, Ledger and trial balance formats are approved by chartered accountants.



Detailed and summarized accounts reports, of any date range, such as General ledger, daybook, outstanding, sale, purchase, transfer, Income and expense, Doctor-wise billing analysis, Ledger-wise and group-wise income analysis etc. Bill-wise, date-wise and medicine-wise profit analysis.